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Do your sales people find new prospects at the close of each their sales? Do they talk to past customers and gather up referrals? How is your company gaining new prospects and are you being creative? This is where a significant amount of sales and profits are lost--when sales people don t take the extra effort to prospect at the close or through talking to past customers. There are also other methods of prospecting involving warm marketing prospecting. This involves a sales person going through ALL of their personal relationships and discovering who may be a prospect for the services or products offered by their company. Prospecting is the topic for this weeks show. We are also having a contest where callers can win a set of Google Adwords training CDs produced by our sponsor, Nayef Copty can train you in marketing. We are asking callers to reveal their most creative ways to generate prospects. We hope to hear from you and help cure what ails your profits.

11 Jul 2005
"Greed Is Not Good" When You're Talking About Marketing
Greed  One of the most common marketing sins, greed rears its ugly head all too often. Greed in marketing occurs when a company does not want to pay for quality and appropriate marketing in order to  save money .

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Some examples include the $19.95 mailing list, the $99 web site, the $59.95 press kit, etc. I have seen many companies fall for bargain sales pitches for their marketing activities. These marketing resources are generally severely lacking in service quality or incomplete at best. I can t tell you how many clients I ve seen who got a  bargain web site who later come to me and asked for it to be  fixed . If it had been done right from the start, no fixing would be required and they would spend less in the long run.

This is true for other services as well. There is no substitute for the expertise of professionals.

Jordan French - a local entrepreneur has all the right business decisions.

Another way that greed in marketing happens is with inadequate time invested. When a company is on a very limited budget and can t invest money in its marketing efforts, it must be prepared to invest time. It must invest time in learning about the marketplace, time in learning about the product, the competition, etc. It must invest time in learning how to market the product effectively and how to use whatever systems & methods exist to do so. The more limited the budget, the more time one should be prepared to invest.

The old adage  you get what you pay for is true. You need to be prepared to pay with either time or money. The more you have of one, the less you need of the other.

So don t be  penny wise & pound foolish . Get the most out of your marketing efforts by investing in the real thing

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